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“Alicia and her team were very professional and helpful every step of the way. We were very pleased to have them assist us and guide us through all the steps of purchasing a new condo!”

“Alicia was very thorough. She always was professional, respectful, and tried her best to calm our nerves through this whole process. I very much recommend her as your agent. You will not be disappointed!”

“Alicia was extremely responsive and a wealth of knowledge for my investment property. Thank you for your help finding the property putting me in touch with the resources needed for an investor.”

“Alicia was great. Very easy to work with. I started interacting with her about a year before I made the move to Colorado. She was always very supportive even way before I ever was going to make the move. Thanks Alicia”

“Alicia was so great to work with. She had to drive from CS to Pueblo weekdays, weekends and holidays. She probably thought we'd never find a house that we liked; we looked at sooo many. She smiled the whole way through all of them and that was a challenge working with 2 people wanting different features. She remained Switzerland but did give us honest feedback. Thanks, Alicia!”

“Personable, easy to communicate with and efficient. Would recommend to friends & family.”

“Alicia, I know this is going to be a little long but wanted to let everyone know what kind of agent Alicia is. What can I say. I was referred from another agent who was not able to work in the area that I wanted to move to. So I was able to meet Alicia at a Starbucks. Alicia had a little book for me to understand the steps it was going to take to get a house. She went over it with me and asked if I had any questions. I am one to say no at first until they all come to my mind. ( I had a million but didn't want to sound dumb, She answered all with no problem) On the same day she set up for me to see 5 houses. Which I traveled over an hour to the area. She sent me a text to map out the best way I was going to get to those houses in the most efficient time. Every house she already Knew all the details and was able to answer all my questions right then and there. She then gave me recommendations as to what I should do or ask for on those homes. Well you think after that I would have purchased a home. Well no it didn't work out that way. She set me up with two systems to look at houses for sale. I would see a house and get excited and would ask about it. Alicia would get all the info for me and then boom under contract or sold. She was fast too. This was when the market was really tough. Alicia then mentioned New builds to me. I didn't think anything of it. So I kept looking. Then we put in a couple offers and nothing went through for me. Then we revisited the New build situation and I went to see one in the area I wanted to move to but choose to stay in my current location. Alicia would travel all over an hour away for me to see what I wanted to do. So we seen one by me. I fell in Love with it. It was amazing. I wanted to sign right then and there. Well I thought about it for a day or two. Then we moved forward with it. It's the home I am living in now. I didn't have to fight anyone for it or think it was going to go to someone else. It was mine when I signed for it. Then things didn't go as planned with the new build. They were little late with the build. (nothing Alicia could control). Alicia was right by my side step by step helping me stay strong and encourage me all the way. The new build was about a month behind. I hope you all know I was a nervous reck. I didn't know if I was making the right decision or should I walk away. It was just me being scared and Alicia was right next to me saying you got this. I mean I called almost everyday all emotional and crying and all. This is a big Deal. This is a major mild stone in my Life. I never knew I could even do it. As a single Parent and going to give all this money to a house. Alicia let me know that the house was mine.I was investing in myself. I wouldn't have to answer to a landlord. I can paint walls if I want to. I was blessed to have Alicia by my side all they way working with me. She was an absolute ANGEL with guiding and helping me out. Now me and my Family have a wonderful home. Brand new home no one else has lived in. Thank you Alicia for everything, I can not wait till we upgrade and even go bigger. If you need an agent please please look at Alicia she is amazing and you know she Lives and Breaths Real Estate. You can tell when you ask questions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Manuel Padilla”

“Alicia was very knowledgeable about the area, real estate market, and home buying. She was very responsive, friendly, and easy to work with, highly recommended!”

“All around great agent! Alicia is professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about the buyer/sellers journey from start to finish. I recommend her for any real estate endeavor.”

“Alicia was great to work with during our selling process. She was quick to come see our property we were interested in selling within 24 hours of contacting her. She was patient as we decided the best route to go with the said property. She worked quickly to get the property staged and photos completed! She was helped us talk through different offers and was helpful through out the entire process. I would recommend Alicia to other sellers and buyers as well.”

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